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Monica Schmelter

She hosts a daily television program Bridges (Christian Television Network) which airs in over 45 million homes nationwide on DirecTV and Dish Network and in several local markets as well.

She’s passionate about leading women to the foot of the cross where life in Christ truly begins. While Monica appreciates the feedback that she’s an inspiration to many she also smiles inwardly at those kinds of accolades. She smiles because she knows that like most women on planet earth she struggles with “balancing life”, working 9-5, laundry that never ends, figuring out how and what to tweet, messy cupboards, and wondering why chocolate can’t be both fat and calorie free.

Whether Monica is speaking, working, answering emails, or hanging out with friends she loves share the Word of God in a way that encourages every woman to fulfill God’s unique plan for their life. Monica teaches women through the Word, by example and through sharing her personal experiences how to acknowledge God in each moment…… whether mundane or miraculous.

Monica’s messages are filled with humor, practical examples and the profound truth found in God’s Word. Monica would love the opportunity to spend some time with you. You will laugh. You will be encouraged. You will be inspired. You will be CHANGED. Long after the conference is over you will still remember how God touched your heart and CHANGED your life.  To learn more:

Monica Speaks about her life.