Host: Monica Schmelter

Bridges reaches today’s men and women with the message of faith and hope. Bridges goes beyond the convention of TV “talk and magazine” shows by going to the root of today’s challenges and issues. Bridges embraces a biblical world-view and works to mend the brokenness of contemporary culture by building connections between God and people.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What are you in the middle of right now?  Author and Speaker Kim Aldridge says you can have joy right in the middle of it all.  Watch her on Bridges today and find out how.

Thursday, August, 15 2013

With God you don’t have to stand in line and take a number.  Today Monica teaches on how with God “It’s Personal”

Friday, August, 16, 2013

Find your “Yes” in God.  Author Mike Glenn is Monica’s guest today on Bridges

Monday, August 19,  2013

What’s the Big Deal about Sexual Sin anyway?  Join Pastor Mike lee and Monica and Bridges today to find out why God is concerned with sexual sin.

Tuesday, August, 20, 2013

This Bridges episode is for adults as we talk about sex trafficking and how to stop it.  We’ll also look at the work of a ministry called Sold No More that works diligently to rescue and save children’s lives. ministry in stopping this

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mike Courtney, Director of Branches Recovery Center joins Monica to talk about how to make your mess “matter”.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today Monica teaches on hearing God speak to you as you learn to “Listen to Your Life”.

Friday, August, 23, 2013

On Bridges today you’ll learn about a ministry that goes outside the four walls and into “strip club” to reach women with the good news of the gospel.  The ministry is called “Love Nashville” and Denise Hildreth Jones joins Monica to talk about this necessary outreach.

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